20 Years Experience

Yacht Shelter was established in 2001 offering yacht maintenance services . It all started back in the 80’s when the founder, Takis Paspalidis, discovered the world of sailing and became his passion.

During the last decade Yacht Shelter specialises in sails, covers and upholstery for all kind of yachts . Thousands of customers have used our services and products over the years and their loyalty helped us expand further to Athens.

“Only good things can come from combining quality and passion”.

Covering Your Needs

We have managed to keep long lasting customer relationships because what we do is:
Discuss with you about your needs
Advise you or propose the ideal solution
Design the project based on your preferences no matter how challenging it is
Test it on board for any improvement and finally fit it.

Additionally, we would happily provide you with professional advice on how to keep your yacht in good condition and help for a pleasant and worry-free sailing!

For more information please visit the Our Products and Services section and explore our range of products and brands.

Yacht Shelter was founded in 2001

Our services have been offered to different areas such as Dodecanese
islands, Ionian Islands and now we established an workshop in Athens.

We take pride in the services with provide and we are confident that you will love the results.


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Our Team

 Takis Paspalidis

Takis Paspalidis

Mail - paspalidistakis@gmail.com

Phone - +30 693 237 4989

 Mironas Paspalidis

Mironas Paspalidis

Mail - myronpaspalidis@gmail.com

Phone - +30 697 942 2915